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Ryan Hays  Berlin, Germany

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About Ryan

Ryan Hays is a Scottish born artist living and working in Berlin. His work focuses largely on painting & drawing but also explores sculpture and print making.

Thematically Hays’ recent work attempts to undermine the boundaries between abstraction and figurative art, citing that distinctions between the two have become an outdated relic of the twentieth century. The scientific discoveries that first established abstraction in contrast to figurative art have themselves been superseded by more complex theories that present a more encompassing outlook.

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"A few of my students also enjoy pop-up books."

"really cool art. I love it."

"kools yo"

"I think it looks more like a picture from an earth science textbook. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so who am I to judge."


"I most certainly agree with Clifton Bryan this does look like a diagram from a science text book. and personally i think art should not be exact like a text book i mean how often in nature do you find two thins that exactly perfect exactly the same. I dare you to find two perfect snow flakes that are exactly the same."

"For a long time I have felt that the artists who illustrate principles, theories, and etc. in science and mathematics - especially space art !! - are seldom given the spotlight they deserve . . ."

"The top piece to me is based on imagery and the use of symbolism. I envision the 7th heaven within or floating above a wasteland. Or an oasis within desolation. Regardless, a contrast of hope and hopelessness, visually. The artist purposely displayed a 7 within the image, in my opinion to communicate a thought.Question, does the 7 support the oasis above the wasteland or does it represent piping that flows into the surrounding area, thus enlarging the oasis?"

"you carnt come close too mother nature she gave us perfection. but i do like these and if these art pieces get people talking then i think the artist achieved his aim."

"One Word!Awesome"

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