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Lucinda Chua  London, UK

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About Lucinda

Best regarded for her constructed photography, Lucinda’s work encompasses still and moving image, musical score, musical recordings and performance.

Lucinda was awarded fellowships for residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and the Pittsburgh Mattress Factory and has exhibited and performed internationally at venues including The Serpentine Gallery, The Royal Albert Hall, The Macedonian National Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Nottingham’s Lakeside Arts Centre and The Royal Festival Hall.

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"Great work"

"The lighting and composition work for me. Evocative."

"The lighting is superb though."

"Nice, technically adept work but have seen trendy work of this kind with other photographers. Great for advertising, very sharp and somewhat interesting in content, but not very groundbreaking."

"Is it implied that the girl in red has food issues? If the plate next to her held a chocolate cake the image would be almost comical. And yes, nice composition, lighting...blah, blah...."

"thay look sophistisititcated"

"Nice start but incomplete. Where is the artist going with this. Suggestiveness overt, and to me lacks depth in style and composition."

"excellent love the brown tones reminds me of REMBRANDT"

"Her arms are tied behind or to the chair, and her dress seems to be an extension of the table cloth. Beautiful but confusing"

"DAMN. now, THAT is talent. Although, it is somewhat depressing, I find this quite beautiful. Don't you all agree?"

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