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Chloe Early  London, UK

'The Ascent'
Oil on aluminum
'Something Shiny Slips Away'
Oil on aluminum

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About Chloe

Born in London 1980. Raised in Cork. Chloe graduated in 2003 from National College of Art and Design, Dublin. She has exhibited in Dublin, Cork, London, Los Angeles and New York.

Working in oils on linen and aluminum panel, Chloe has developed a unique style that is simultaneously lush and raw. The romantic and the gritty meet in her paintings, which tease out a distinctively poetic worldview through the juxtaposition of extremes. At their core is a sensitivity to lyrical feelings and themes—love, beauty, innocence, softness—which collide with more worldly symbols of aggression and degradation, such as bullets, bombs, urban refuse, and ruins.

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"Gorgeous use of color looks sureal. Great Artist"

"its a girl holding balloons thats it."

"I like this - loads going on"

"Amazing! Very talented and creative. I really enjoy looking at the first piece but the lady on the far right takes my eye away from the carnival ride. As for the second piece of artwork I cannot find any faults. Both are the work of an active imagination. Thank you for displaying your art on"

"Wow Chloe you are a great painter, very inspiring work.Absolutely love it. Congrats!"

"Love the use of different realities and depth by changes in perspective planes. Really like the worlds that look like they are becoming and dissolving at the same time. And the romantic, humanistic feeling by the inclusion of figures and flowers!"

"Love it, inspired busy and creative. Thank you. Sincerely. Tamara Coper-TamaraDesign, Sweden"

"i love these.i love how you have kept the theme but two totally different paintings. i love how it has so much going on but you can see everything. great job and please keep it up."

"all of the art is cool"

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