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Linda Guenste  Chalfont, PA

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About Linda

In this latest body of work, I have chosen to exercise my demons so to speak and examine the violent nature in today’s youth. As a parent of two boys who are intrigued with guns and war play, I chose to push the envelope and portray these kids in what they think is innocent fun. I choose my subjects, yet they choose to pick up the weapon and strike the familiar pose. As a mother and nurturer, I want to discuss the direction of our guidance (or lack of) and show the absurdity of the desensitization of children through the “games” they play.

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'Lions Tigers And Bears'

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"i dunno bout relavent"

"Men are born entrigued by violence. Its an instinct to eliminate the compotition! Theres nothing we can do about it; we worn born to inevitably destroy each other. Humans are an evolutionary mistake and we're an our way out because of it."

"I really like the way this artist handles the subject matter. I've been exploring these same themes in my work. Very powerful work."

"Striking work...I have been looking at work of other artists to get some sense of meaningful direction with my own is great to see work that speaks to issues that matter..."

"Great! Absolutely Great!"

"That's the most wonderful Panda I have ever seen....It's look's Just my one.... Oh right it is!!!!!!!And the Model is great .....Oh Right It's me!!!!!!! Great painting :) :) :) :) :)"

"Absolutely relevant and riviting"

"VERY DISTURBING! I hope those children don't need therapy after that photo shoot!"

"Thought provoking...anger,fear,and sadness all at once."

"Outstanding! Captivating! Brilliant! Did I mention OUTSTANDING?"

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