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Nathan Durfee  Charleston, SC

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About Nathan

Nathan’s artistic aspirations first showed themselves in the classroom: a self-described “doodler,” moments of boredom became sketches and designs in notebook margins. After spending his high school years in Nevada, he migrated South to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design to become a traditional portrait artist. As his current work boldly exhibits, Nathan instead decided to take his art in a unique, wholly personalized, direction. This ability to create both conventional and alternative realities allows him to push and pull his work from the realistic to the abstract with imaginative skill.

His fanciful, often abstract, subjects share an organic connection with his informal school-day sketching. Despite his uncanny subjects, his paint application is studious and technically informed. How he paints, he says, is more important than what he paints. The relation of emotions to brushstrokes is keen: anger will produce a harsher, quicker stroke than a feeling of calm or contentment. Durfee likes to get his work done in as few sittings as possible, for the less time there is between work periods, the less likely emotions and brushstrokes will vary.

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Ali Cavanaugh

St. Louis, MO artist

"I’m always amazed by Durfee’s limitless imagination. Each new group of paintings transports me into another reality. As an artist, he’s got it all; unbelievable technical skills, a unique approach in his application of paint, and his inexhaustible creativity."

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"Nathan's work is so inspiring! He's a great person too!"

"fun art. really love "jeffery learns the songs"."

"Wonderful work! Congrats Nathan!"

"Very nice. It's like I'm seeing the world through the eyes of a child"

"uhmmmmm you are ridiculously creative. Your style uber unique and your sense of humor....classic!"

"Wow, I loved these!"

"I also feel as though it connects with the feelings of rejection that hit us at times when we least expect it, the happiest moment going to the saddest in a slit second, all it takes are some words (or possibly a note in this situation)."

"I immediately connected to the first one. So whimsical and childish, yet sad. I feel like it really identifies with the feelings a lot of adolesents have of feeling slightly childish, yet seeing past that into the depressive parts of our lives. I would love to know what your inspiation was."

"Clowns are always the first sign of insanity.......don't give up however....but go with more unique ideas! Clowns are so played out & feared by a lot of people.Good luck....."

"Nathan your work is wonderful, as always!"

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