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William Goodman  Jackson, MS

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My pieces go through a number of processes before the work is complete. Everything begins with an initial image as I work from my illustrations to hand collages, from my photographs to digital compositions– they make their way into my studio with the final product traveling its way onto a canvas using various processes and acrylic paint. My images are often veiled illusions which echo deep layers of my own life experience, both positive and negative. My art changes periodically as I unwrap experiences embedded in my own soul. My paintings simultaneously evoke a conscious, as well as subconscious, reaction from viewer.

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"sorry, but i dont think collage is art at all.anyone can stick down some images they found in a magazine."

"The words are what killed it for me. Also I dislike this collage type art, looks like a project a child would do in school, not art that might sell for thousands or millions of dollars"


"Very Ray Johnson; I like it. you should check out some of his pieces, they are very interesting. Keep creating! Peace and Love!"

"I love this stuff."

"The first one at first glance reminds me of the structure of a microscope, and I found that intriguing."

"I like this art it looks great, collague of life photography i would hang these pieces of fine art on my wall."

"Just visited the artist's website and was struck by the wide range of this artist's talent and the wide range of what he does so well. Abstract Painting, collage, photography and mixed media and all done with superior, superior skill. His abstract paintings alone blew me away. But abstract painters of that skill and expression level don't usually also have the ability to make a solo career of photography. This guy could. And whoever says that collage just happens (like the neighborhood scrapbooker) needs to look closely at the artistic complexity as you go one-by-one through his website's gallery. I didn't "like" every piece, but that's art. From the two pieces shown, I hadn't expected great things, but now I've bookmarked his site."

"conglomerate fossil rock ?!"

"very beautiful art work"

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