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Martin Stranka  Prague, Czech Republic

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About Martin

Martin Stranka first exhibited his photography in his homeland—the Czech Republic—in 2007. In 2009 his work travelled to Romania and Belgium and now it can be admired in galleries across Britain and the United States, too. Stranka has been decorated with numerous awards, including the International Photo Award this year.

His work has been described as existing in that narrow space of a few seconds between sleep and awakening. ‘These few seconds are so incredible and amazing’, muses Stranka. ‘Even though we have experienced these moments many times […] we are still always confused by these few seconds.’ His goal is to blur the borders of consciousness and for the viewer to question his reality.

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"Love this pictures... they catapult me in a magic unreal world."


"very nice"

"beautiful, dreamlike. captivating, I love the idea of this, it leaves it up to your imagination what is happening, you can decide what you would like it to mean."

"I've caught myself on many an occasion recollecting the events in those last seconds of a dream...I could never see it or translate it like the artist has here. It gives a sense of time being stopped and the 5 senses shutting down, just so that last moment can completely embrace you. I'd want to exist like that."

"the work represents a spiritual drifting - before we fully become conscious, its like we are weightless, our essence trailing around us. luv it."

"So beautiful, magical. Thank you!"

" this what it will look like when violence and global warming overcomes those of us with peace in our souls? surely those who are tormented won't be as lucky to se the beauty in this due to their's pretty flippin' awesome"

"wow these are so magical and intriguing! I love the color choice. They are very beautiful!"

"This is how I feel everyday...Thank you for giving me a way to explain it..."

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