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George Pfau  San Francisco, CA

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About George

George H. Pfau III was born in May of 1982, the fourth and youngest child of his father George Jr. and the first child of his mother Anne Mayhew. After growing up and attending school in San Francisco, California, he graduated from University High School in 2001 and moved to New York to major in Studio Art at New York University. He graduated from NYU in May of 2005 and now resides in San Francisco where he is making new paintings and a graphic novel.

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"George's work is amazing. What an imagination. Combined with his artisitic talent,his atrtistic abilty shines. Good luck buddy. 5 stars"

"It has been a pleasure watching George develop as an artist in the Bay Area. His art work exposes critical political and cultural issues of our time in aesthetically interesting and technically challenging ways. There is no doubt that he will be tremendously influential in his field!"

"You've got the big picture going in your pictures. Paint on..."

"Check out george's work on Juxtapoz's reader art site."

"Brilliant. intricate detail(s) with excellent technique captivates ones attention and imagination for extended contemplation."

"I like it."

"I have not had the opportunity to work with George but I find his paintings to be politically, culturally, and psychologically interesting, moving and beautiful. I will most definitely attend his next exhibition."

"I met George through an exhibition we were in together. I was very impressed with his artwork then as I equally am now! From what I've seen, his work has a strong sense of visual narratives as you must read it and see it to appreciate it. Best of luck, George!"

"I've seen George's work at different shows around San Francisco. His website's great, and so is the art posted here, but honestly, it doesn't do his work justice. He layers canvases on top of one another to create this "topography" as i think he calls it. When you look at his works in person, you see architectural blue prints underneath photo-realistic figures, all intersecting with amorphous shapes and's intense...some of the most creative and evocative work I've seen in a while. I'm glad to see he's featured here too."

"I had the great joy of living with George his first year when we both went to NYU and was continually impressed by his development as an artist. I knew back then that he had a great gift. Seeing his body of work always expanding both in complexity and style is inspiring. George's art actually uplifts one, along with bringing a sense of wonder. This combination makes his art truly captivating and unique."

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