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Zarko Baseski  Skopje, Macedonia

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About Zarko

Zarko Baseski received his BFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje in 1988 and his MA ten years later. Since then, he has worked there. In 2010 he was appointed a Professor on the Sculpture Department.

For him, the most difficult thing to determine and represent with accuracy is the deepest self. In his self-portrait, Baseski portrays himself in a moment of psychological stress, uncertainty and anticipation.

His work has been exhibited since he first began his studies in 1984, in galleries and museums, across Macedonia but also in New York.

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"I find this incredible. The realism is just perfect."

"It's just wierd"

"O-e very creepy..."

"i am pretty sure i had an experience very similar to this depiction after a rather active night engaging in some partying..."

"Real life....the way it is...."

"These are awesome"

"Waaaaay impressive work! Amazing! Realistic and powerful."


"Viewers should first check out works by Maurizio Cattelan and Ron Mueck, the latter being a prosthetics sculptor on films."

"I don't find it disturbing, creepy or gross.. I find it very uplifting.. the human spirit breaking through barriers.. beautiful!"

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