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Dan Dubowitz  Harpenden, UK

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About Dan

Dan Dubowitz studied architecture at Sheffield University from 1992, after two years’ working under Peter Eisenman. He also co-directed a Heisenberg project in Glasgow, Scotland, and taught at architecture and fine art in universities. But for the past seventeen years his focus has been investigating wastelands and cultivating an operative parallel between photography and architecture.

In 2003 Dubowitz founded the Civic Works, combining his interests in photography and cultural master plans. ‘The spaces that we abandon reveal much about ourselves and the psyche of contemporary societies. The way in which we respond to wastelands shapes not only the emerging city but the society it constructs,’ he explains.

So far he has developed plans for several cities in the United Kingdom: Glasgow, Sunderland, Newcastle, Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent.

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"These photos really make you wonder where they were taken. Yet, not really wanting to go there buy maybe..."

"This is what illegal poker booths look like during the day time."

"Try visiting his home site. Fascinating."

"Omg, that's amazing. You've inspired me, because I too am an artist, to get up and paint the world a picture that will speak to them and keep them guessing for years to come."

"I thought of Edward Hopper too, as the other comment stated. Wonderful composition allowing the viewer to be part of the photo and insert whatever the imagination has to offer. Great!"

"Top one reminds me of a nook in a social club waiting for the afternoon punters to show up.Bottom one is an abandoned public building that has had a going over by treasure hunters looking for booty.I like the artists approach to capturing everyday scenes of decay or progress(depending on your point of view)for posterity."

"This is awesome. I wish I can be a good artist when I grow up. Don't u guys?"

"thats awesome like so cool, it looks VERY real."

"Love the top one. (I didn't see the other one till now). It really struck me. I paused. It's a painting, a photo, something's about to happen here or might have happened; it's not stark because of the neighborhood lights visible through the window. It's a place I'd like to be. Thank you!"

"My research currently has been psychological problems associated with post-industrialism. This work evokes something that my research cannot. Quite sublime in its own way."

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