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Will Wilson  San Francisco, CA

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About Will

Will Wilson was born in 1957 in Baltimore. He studied at the Schuler School of Fine Arts and the New York Academy of Art between 1975 and 1990. The whimsical elements and casual contemporary references he incorporates in his paintings serve to offset their disciplined execution. Each painted subject is steeped in narrative and rendered in astounding detail.

Wilson prides himself a master in his craft, and he is not alone in this opinion. His work has been awarded prizes across the United States, and is collected by museums and corporate and private collectors alike. The impact of his work is confirmed in publications such as ArtNews, US ART Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Baltimore Magazine and American Artist and International Artist Magazine.

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'Eye Contact'



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"Is this the Will Wilson I hung out with, along with Paul Otto and your younger brother? You created unbelievable sacred works that reached into my soul. I knew you had a God-given gift. So thrilled for you! (And if you're not that Will, your work is still amazing!)"

"I miss Master Will!“Home is where your heart is.”Missy - Long - Legs xxx"

"Amazing as ever. From the girl who sat next to you in Risenwebers class. Miss you."

"Will:Get the ptg. of the "bicycle rider" w/ overtones of Prometheus as subjectmatter up on your extended web site HERE. The imagination behind it is superb.Julia"

"Excellent paintings. Know this page has been stale, yet saw the top painting, "Second Skin," and was intrigued so I looked up the artist. The gold dog-tags and pink brazierre in the painting "Sweet M-16" is neat also. The detail is so fine and precise. Thumbs up!"

"hands can create and destroy,beauty outside,what is inside, but still alluring."

"Quite lovely."

"I have eyes like the lady in the first picture.She looks like modern Mona Lisa, trying to find her place in this world.answer to @Kyle - January 11, 2011:“Are these women happy or distraught in the attire that they are in?”I don't think they are happy, they are forced to fight when they have to, but that's not in women nature. So the answer is: NO."

"the second one is awesome, showing the feminine(sp?) of a female soldier"

"Immense talent, beautifully executed. Each piece must take many days of patience to produce the fine detail, looks a bit like hand airbrushing at this size."

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