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Lee Price  Beacon, NY

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About Lee

Lee Price received a BFA from the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her art has been recognised by several awards, and in 2003 she was commissioned to design and construct diorama backdrops for a permanent exhibit in the National Museum of Natural History—the most visited of the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC.

One keen observer remarks: “Perhaps the artist is asking that we come down from our higher view and look the subject in the face, look reality in the eye.”

Price’s work has been exhibited across the United States as well as in Australia. She currently lives in New York.

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'New York'



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"Love apropos for now....Yum! so relaxing"

"Very nice"

"Man to be her right now.... blueberry I presume? I absolutely love them"


"these are spectacular paintings"

"Mmmm..... some people who commented above don't seem to realize these are paintings, not photographs."

"Looks as if these photos are like the show "Teen Mom". Displaying a negative behavior (Bulimia Nervosa)however, almost glorifying the matter with a pic of tasty treats and cute pajamas. (What a younger female "would" see). There's no facial expression to show the pain, so how would a young girl be swayed away from this behavior? These photos are very sad to me especially since for a long time in my life I suffered from it."

"i dont believe in making a profit on subjects that actually reinforce the behavior one is trying to use for their gain...the aerial perspective is appreciated though towardly artsy fartsy....."

"Incredibly talented artist. However these pieces do not impress me. They are not a good statement for young women. I think they are just too sad."

"looks like me after i had a meltdown"

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