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Madeline von Foerster  New York, NY

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About Madeline

Madeline von Foerster was born to German-Austrian parents and raised in San Francisco. She uses historic iconography, as well as the meticulous painting techniques of the Old Masters, to tackle modern-day subjects, such as environmentalism.

Foerster is worried about where modern culture is headed, but she believes there is still time to make a new myth. And if something is worth saying, it is worth the time it takes to paint. The detail and luminosity of her paintings are intended for slow deliberation.

Her work has been exhibited in Germany and the United States.

Recommended by our guest curators

Kirsten Anderson

Owner, Roq La Rue Gallery

"Madeline is so wonderful because her work looks ancient and contemporary at the same time, and it's not an easy trick to TRULY pull off. She has spend countless hours and dedication to honing her skills with egg tempera and her canvases just glow. I like that her work so beautifully comments of the natural world in a very elegant, refined way."

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"I think she has put a lot of creative emotion into this piece!"

"I love her ideas,the skill,the look of her work, but I agree with another below there is too much 'reason' headwork here,no instinct/flow I can't 'feel' it.yet.Too conscious.Her picture of the saartje bartman in the chest though had real emotion and instnct.She is a great painter."


"Very interesting. i love them."

"I agree with Paulina M The faces are beautifully done! Thee proportion,the hands and the FEELING missed their mark."

"Like this art"

"btw.. kinda reminds me of the grudge... SCARY MOVIE!!!!"

"is she drilling something in to her head?!?! kinda scary.. but REALLY good!!"

"i really like the frist pic to me it says if u keep hiding ur feelings or wat u think it will hurt u"

"remarkable work i love it"

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