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Natalia Fabia  Burbank, CA

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About Natalia

The art of Natalia Fabia is academic and painterly, yet new-age and narrative. She collages many things into her work, such as old 50’s wallpaper, beer and liquor labels, old punk flyers, jewels and anything she finds on the street or in her studio. Her paintings are very colorful and lively and there are always hidden treasures to find in their backgrounds. Natalia Fabia is of Polish decent, even though her name is Italian. Her best friend in the world is her father Andrew Fabia, also an artist and reproduces antiques. Natalia loves to paint people and is influenced by colors, punk rock music, hot chicks and anything that sparkles. Her fascination with hookers ( of all kinds) is what fuels the many paintings she does of sultry women in surroundings and alone. She is influenced by artists like Toulose Latrec, Degas, Sargant, and Steve Assael. Favors doing gallery work and portraiture but also does design work and illustration. She also has a company called Siamese Hooker with her partner, artist/designer Alison Casson. Siamese Hooker is a clothing, jewelery line and many other things it is sold on line and at some stores.

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Recommended by our guest curators

David Lyle

New York, NY Artist

"Great painter with well collaged subject matter of punk rock/hooker/sparkle themes."

Aunny De La Rosa

Dir. Comm., deviantART

"I met Natalia at a party a few years back and she was so sweet and humble when asked about what type of work she did. When I finally saw her paintings myself, I was blown away by her signature gritty, hyperrealistic style. The level of detail she incorporates into the playful environments she creates on canvas is insane (see fishnets, tattoos and graffiti). From rainbow cake to slumber parties, Natalia paints parties you want an invitation to. If you haven’t seen her new stuff lately, it’s definitely worth looking into."

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"Great work."

"Interesting, the one above, I am having trouble making out the green prickley thing...Bug?The one below....looks like the took some good Acid"

"I really like this ! John"

"WOW I LOVE this art!!! I love the top one, and it looks so realisitc!"

"i saw her in punk rock confidential!!!"

"they are both so interesting and great, but the top one is my favorite. !"

"Love the contrast between the sahara scene and these drunk trampy girls!"

"Love it! love it! love it!"

"this shit rules!"

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