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Sherif Elhage  Paris, France

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About Sherif

Sherif Elhage was born in St Petersbourg in 1980, and raised in Beirut, by a Russian-Estonian mother and Lebanese father. His formal training is in communications and his professional experience ranges from fashion to advertising. He lists Otto Steinert, M.C. Escher, and Harry Callahan, as primary influences.

His work has no literary or transcendental significance, he declares. The elements of their aesthetic, however, are fundamental to Elhage—the composition of color and original framing, in particular. Using a combination of optical trickery and minimalism, his work contrasts with traditional iconography.

Elhage proudly applies no corrective methods to his photography, for example digital editing. Visitors to his website will note the disclaimer: ‘No digital program has been used to transform these photographers. It’s all straight from the camera.’

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"If he's really not altering these photos, then thank you! It's nice to see objects as the artist sees them, and have them creatively presented."

"LOST FOR WORDShere is the new photography awsome LOVE IT"

"what an artist!!what an eye!!Love it"

"Awesome style!"

"Love it sharp reminds me of heven and beauty"

"oh my god, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"WOW, that looked like a X light box - took me a while to see the buildings - great use of negative space!!"

"I particularly like the "white" space in these photographs...It's as though something is going happen in that space at any moment...interesting!"

"I like how they resemble picture frames, hanging on a white wall. The first one especially."

"I love this, for I feel as if the artist has allowed us a small glimpse into his amazing artist perspective, and perception on his/her surroundings. I just love little things like this."

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