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Nicolas Uribe  Bogota, Colombia

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About Nicolas

I was born in cozy Madison, WI, but ever since that day I have not set foot on Wisconsin again. In all honesty, I haven’t really been actively avoiding this generous land of cheese and beer. Given the very attractive winters that this icebox of a state has to offer, I was happy that my parents decided to return to Colombia before my first birthday. I spent my first 17 years in Bogotá and after finishing High School I went to New York to study Illustration in SVA. After graduating I worked at Evergreene Painting Studios, a mural painting studio, and at The Studio, an illustration studio where I did animatics, storyboards, print jobs, together with some illustration jobs (paperbacks, jackets, etc). After two years of constant and diligently supervised drawing, I decided to go back home to Colombia and be free to paint full time. What was a hard decision at first, turned into the best career move. I have been able to paint what I love, and be surrounded by friends and family.

Recommended by our guest curators

David Kassan

Brooklyn, NY artist

"I've know Nicolas' work for a while now, we were both in college at the same time and we both in some shows together back then. I've been a huge fan since then, This guys work is fearless, check out some of the epic multi figure pieces that he has on his site, they are incredible tour de forces. Also in a number of his pieces, Nicolas seems to have painted the air around his figures. I would love to paint with him someday."

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'Double Exposure'

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"That is exactly how I feel."

"Haunting and eloquent."

"This is a powerful painting! Thank you."

"Past days are fading away. All the focus needs to be on the present. Great sadness, depression....Can relate."

"One of my favorite artists"

"Image fade is like time lapse and your work is psychologically stirring. Very nice, Thank you"


"I like the way you suspend time in the first painting by showing multiple images of the young lady. the bottom paintings is very well rendered and the atmosphere you create is relaxed yet sombre...very good work keep at it. And if you get a chance please feel free to converse with me here via email.bk the mystic artist/writer"

"wow...its gorgeous"

"That's a bit... dark"

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