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Tom Bagshaw  Bath, UK

'The Long Walk'

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About Tom

About Tom

Tom Bagshaw lives Bath, England, and works as a commercial illustrator. His personal work explore fantastical and mystic themes. The intricate style of painting he adopts sets it apart from his commerical portfolio.

‘Feminine beauty plays a large role in my work,’ he says, ‘but they are never frail damsels in distress. More often than not they’re strong, intriguing characters, with an air of mystery to them.’

Bagshaw strikes a balanced tone by embellishing the dark and ghoulish elements with quirky and absurd details. For his commercial illustration he works under the pseudonym Mostlywanted. His clients include Saatchi & Saatchi, Sony, BBC, Kraft, GQ, Scholastic, and Random House.

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'Snake Charming'

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"I like them very much, but I did notice, in both images, that both of the girls have the same blank look. It is drawn beautifully!"

"This is amazing. The pictures are realistic but animated at the same time with different moods. I like them very much!"

"the moon has a cute little face so your mind is deluded into thinking that what you are looking at is "good" but oh well its too late anyway..."

"look the moon has a cute little face."


"Honestly this is great! Have you considered maybe doing a little adult artwork? since Luis Royo passed away perhaps sending in a sample to Heavy Metal magazine could be interesting for you; Your styles are similar."

"It's beautiful in a creepy, dark kind of way."

"bottom image: Pandora's Box?ANYWAY, I love this work. So beautiful. Incredible. I want to hang the top one in my house"

"i like it when artists use impossibility as an inspiration in their things not place where they should be , the courage of one putting this one up is unbound... detailed childhood works...a snake w/o a head, flying carps with little prince...all the joys of having pets, power and all things greatness in life...expressive form you bhave here!!"

"Beautiful. It is creative, it's like there's a fairytale behind the art. I'm a big fan of art and this art is beautiful and I'm not lying.B-e-a-utiful!"

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