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KC Collins  Charleston, SC

'Headed Uptown'

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About KC

KC Collins was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and began drawing at a very young age. She attended Elon University in North Carolina, and became inspired by the work of JWM Turner, Franz Klein, and Gerhard Richter. Her contemporary influences include the abstract landscape artists Anne Stahl and Elin Neuman.

Throughout her studies, Collins created paintings that are at once abstract and true to life. Her ethereal landscapes and portraits won her several prizes at Elon University’s Annual Art Show in 2003 and 2004. More recently, she was awarded the 2010 Mayor’s Choice Award at Piccolo Spoleto and third place at the Festival of the Masters in Orlando, Florida.

Collins continues to participate in the Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Juried Art Exhibition every summer, as well as several other fine art festivals around the country throughout the year.

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"Really cool effect! I've never seen that before."

"I've been having this sort of blurry passing-by composition idea stuck in my mind for a while now, and this is even better than I imagined it to look like. Keep up the good work :)"

"I love to squint my eyes at street lights and distort the way light reflects. This brilliant piece brings me that youthful feeling."

"its beautiful"

"Impressive... realism and abstract... kind of a yin and yang in a way.I'm inspired!"

"these are amazing pictures! love it"

"Very nice work!"

"The Blur on his way to Smallville"

"love it... so passionate"

"These are wonderful! What would be perhaps jarring, unsoothing images in sharp focus are calming and soft- emphasizing color and shape - not so much the content... precisely depicting an artist's ability to see the world- like the word placement and font of a poster could be beautiful until you read the text. These could be turned in any direction and feel balanced."

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