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Mauricio de la Rocha  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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About Mauricio

I was born in Lima-Peru in 1977 and for as long as I can remember, I had an interest for the arts, architecture and music. I’ve been drawn to photography for most of my life. Ever since buying my first 35 millimeter in 2004 I realized I wanted to be a photographer. The very same year I moved to Buenos Aires I was accepted to the Creative Photography School of Andrew Goodstein.

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"Interesting pictures, very interesting. Good good good. It's interesting. Me likey."

"I just discovered this page with my pictures! Thanks for the comments! These pictures are part of a series of 18 photos that tell a story. You can find this series at"

"these are kinda creepy in the best way possible."

"I would have like to seen the first photo with more darkness at the doors...the handles throw me off from the power of the facial expressions. Great concept, but I'm a fan of more contrast. (only a personal opinion). I enjoyed the second photo though!"

"wow.... beautiful... great .. creative..... and so touching..... I wish to see more of your art wishes"

"this is great!:) it looks amazing, very artistic!"

"that is lame we al know that is not going in her mouth"

"I love your work is so bootiful :D"

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