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Sabrina Tibourtine  Dusseldorf, Germany

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About Sabrina

Sabrina is a freelance illustrator, Animator and Designer living in Düsseldorf, Germany. She is oddly attracted to things which are somehow broken, dirty, incomplete ore even ugly. Loves doing nothing but eating, sleeping and illustrating for a little or a long while. Apart from that, she has a teaching position for hand drawn animation and illustrates for magazines, brochures and websites mostly.

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"These two look alright to me...I think that the artist's website art looks much better...."

"Wow... That's interesting..."

"they intrigue me at first glance, especially the second one, but unless i can read the text there's nothing that makes me want to keep looking. I'm sure in person they make a much stronger statement. I can't help but think of Julia Margaret Cameron's photos from the turn of the century. I think it's the seriousness of the faces."


"i love this art work its just great!"

"Sabrina's 2nd offering reminds me somehow of Klimt's "The Kiss" -- perhaps it's the monochrome quilt backdrop? I like the aboriginal touch. Are retouched photos used in the making of this? Crazy how a picture somehow misses capturing the soul."

"An interesting, creepy allegorical reference to the antichrist? "Let the dead bury the dead," comes to mind. Don't be discouraged; New Yorkers will love it."

"I really like this! The subtle text in the paintings is very nice, and I love the contrast of the bright orange dots on the brown wash."

"very good. looks like they coulkd be pages in an altered book or journal. it's interesting, because it's one of those pieces of art that kind of creep you out, but you can't just look away."

"I really like this artist. However, I am not sure if it might look better in 3-D, but the orange things in each painting are rather bizarre. In 2-D I do not much like them. I am really not sure what they are."

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