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Ken Weathersby  New York, NY


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About Ken

Ken Weathersby grew up on the gulf coast of Mississippi. He received an MFA in Painting from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit and has lived in or near New York City since 1990.

His work has been exhibited at The National Academy of Art Museum, The Painting Center, University of Maryland, and Visual Phrasing at Maloney Art Gallery, among others. He is also the recipient of a Mid-Atlantic Arts / New Jersey State Council painting fellowship.

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"I absolutley LOVE these! They really get you thinking. The second one could be thought of from many different perspectives. I love the opposite colors in the first one- blue on peach and peach on blue. I see the outline of a man in that first one too. Really awesome peices! Crazy good! The second one looks like a photograph. AMAZING!!!"

"Clever, creative work. There is more going on here than meets the eye and that is where our intellect and abstractive abilities are given a good challenge. But the artworks also work on purely emotional levels as well, if we let them. Perhaps deconstructing the concept of painting, in some ways. Thanks for both challenging us to look deeper and for showing us a hint of "what's behind the curtain.""

"very lynchy, wait, it looks like the gingerbread man ( : 4.5/5"

"These are quite amazing pieces - I like the fact he makes you focus & think - we forget the interior of walls and concentrate on the exterior beauty forgetting the mechanics that make up anything that we see - amazing.RABIN"

"Feels like the artist has a hole in his soul. The upper one represents to me pieces ripped and never knowing where you belong. Like the linen. The second feels like an Alice in Wonderland hole. Again, a small escape hatch."

"Love it, very shubui. Caught my eye had to comment."

"Very interesting! I really like the painting techniques used! I also really like the secong painting because it makes you use your imagination! Thanks!"

"I do not know what on earth that is but it does look cool."

"The bottom one is a canvas turned around. Interesting."

"Man, beast, bird, no?"

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