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Ronnie Rysz  New Haven, CT

'Best Check Yah Neck'
Marker and Spray Paint on Paper
'Best Go Watch Yah Front'
Marker and Spray Paint on Paper

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About Ronnie

Ronnie Rysz received a BFA from Lyme Academy College of Fine Art and studied Fine Art and Illustration at the School of Visual Arts. Ronnie’s artwork is featured in several public and private collections, and I participate in solo and group exhibitions nationwide.

Ronnie explains the work by saying, “My mixed media collages, drawings and prints incorporate multiple layers of methodically constructed forms, dense textures, explosive patterns and fluid lines. I reference music, movies, news and advertising to make sardonic representations of American pop culture. Repurposing and using inexpensive, readily available materials is important to my practice. Many of these items have their own history and individual meaning and add another layer of narrative to my work. Some of the materials that I collect and utilize include acrylic paint, enamel, ephemera, ink, foil, glitter, buttons, marker, paper, rhinestones, spray paint, tape, office supplies, wallpaper and plastic jewelry. I gravitate toward the definitive rendering of graphic novels, the confrontational composition of Expressionism, the stylization of ancient icons, the fractured space of Cubism, the patterns of Eastern European folk art and the confident mark making of Modernism, synthesizing these elements to achieve a distinct style.”.

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"i love it!!! keep it positive people.....this is amazing work of a very talented artist and it's obviously so!!!!"

"Good, interesting work--- Reminds me of Charles Burns and Robert Crumb's work."

"Technology commentary aside these stand out as sharp stylish portraits, disquieting but evocative. "New work" link on artist's website is worth a visit."

"I think it looks like a dark take on addiction.. At least thats my take on it"

"I feel this artist is one of the few that can step back and see the bigger picture of where society is headed. To me, it depicts how we truly look on the inside when we are so shallow and obsessed over appearance & ego. The majority of us have dived head first into social cyberspace without a thought of the eventual consequences. I think it is genius how he conveys superficiality & how it hides the ugliness of undisciplined, raw passions (bulging, greedy eyes & spoiled, pouting lips). Hopefully, in the future, when volumes of psychology/sociology books have been written on cyber superficiality and it's effect on society- this artist will be remembered as perceptive and ahead of his time."

"animalistic looking...people look like the life has been sucked out of them...interesting to look at, though not something I would want hanging in my home, but I like it"

"I love it, it's like Roy Lictenstein went over to the dark side!"

"wow,you did a great job with your art.I love that picture:)"

"In my point, this artist loves staring blankly in space, reading comic books, realize that it is not in 3D, got an idea of doing paper cuts and just emphasize on shadings.a form of artsy fantasy detail...nothing new to view just a description of life"

"His work shows great FEAR,DESPERATION,LONELINESS,ISOLATION - they are all interesting pieces yet tell the same story of the world we live in - you can see the influrence of the the comic book panels so that you can draw your own story as each character moves along - stef is right you have to read the ARTIST STATEMENT and what his intention were in creating the pieces - in one piece he has a person (linocut) shouting into the cell phone - you can assume they are shouting "can you hear me" which is very common when listening to people in public while talking into this tiny box - the emotions expressing by these characters are daily visions we see if we take time to look - VERY GOOD WORK."

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