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Michael Zigmond  Cleveland, OH

'Trouble in Toyland Again'
Oil on Canvas
'The Reluctant Prince'
Oil on Canvas

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About Michael

Michael Zigmond was born in Sandusky, Ohio, and received his BFA from Bowling Green State University in 1984.

He attributes the subjects of his paintings, all derived from his immediate ‘reality’, to his fascination with the effects created by intense light on familiar objects. ‘Abstractions of light and shadow can make the ordinary look disquietingly transient,’ he says.

Zigmond calls his work process descriptive—combining photographic reference and direct observation, with a sensitivity towards the tension between two- and three-dimensional qualities. ‘I never cease to be amazed at the variety with which nature can provide the makings of a composition,’ says Zigmond.

His work has been exhibited extensively across the United States and included in numerous corporate collections.

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"That is talent in a nut shell, absolutely amazing art...Incredible!!! :)"

"Very sharp and precise. I like both of them but the first one really got my attention. Great Work!"

"Exceptional detail and combination of themes"

"i love the frist one becaues it's so naturel.But I also like the secound picture it mackes me so hanger.hi!!"

"These are truly works of art! Thank you for their beauty and for all that you create."

"I really like that second one! It's like cupcakes on a beach, lol. Love it! Such a free and easy feeling. Super fun. I love the clouds-beautiful!"

"It looks nice, but the second photo seems pointless and abstract for the sake of abstraction."

"a massive overdose of complex serenity......."

"I like the flower, nice hands, wonderful picture."

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