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Cristian Blanxer  Barcelona, Spain

'Peine de los vientos'

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About Cristian

Cristian Blanxer draws his subject matter from day-to-day life. His paintings are a mix of naturalistic, pop art and abstract images.

For Blanxer, painting is a means to negotiate the abundance of imagery emerging from Spain—from the most banal examples of still-life to iconic propaganda and photojournalism. ‘Through making, I render all things equal’, he says.

Painting is also a means for him to challenge traditional expectations and perception. He considers it the duty of artists to intervene and distort reality, estranging subjects from their original context and significance.

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"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; emancipation of euro to prominencepic b; challenging emotional disturbance intimately"


"Oh My Gosh! So want to be an artist or art teacher. So inspiring direct art!"

"I was completely blown away with you images. People need to check out your other showings, awesome! Muchas gracias, muy bonita!"

"no credit for Chillida? a painting of a photograph in front of someone else's sculpture. tell me, where are you in this "work"?"

"that cool your asome girl or boy"

"really cool love them"

"Found the artist's website interesting. Gained a much better appreciation of the artist's ability to work in a variety of styles and with various media. The site was very well put together, user friendly and offered the ability to buy works. Also appreciated the artist providing a long list of links to other artists and art sites that I otherwise would not likely have encountered -- helpful in learning more about the current art world of Spain."

"Beautiful,nice colors, simplicity is great!I Love It!"

"I love the top one! Wonderful work! looks like it could've been a photograph turned into a painting. I like that. The second one is a little too creepy for me, but I loved that top one. Great work!"

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