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Dan Holdsworth  London, UK

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About Dan

Dan Holdsworth was born in Welwyn Garden City, England. He received a BFA in photography from University of The Arts London in 1998.

His latest series, Blackout (2010), is inspired by the power failures in 1960s New York, which threw millions of people into darkness and prompted panic of nuclear attack.

Holdsworth shot his images in Iceland, a volcanic netherworld where day is night and ice is sooty pitch. He aims to convey with these negative images ‘the sublime’ which defies all logic.

His work has been exhibited worldwide. In 2008, he was awarded a Visiting Fellowship by the European Centre for Photographic Research in Newport.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Kumi Yamashita

New York, NY artist

"I was flying over many time zones on my way to somewhere. I lost a sense of whereabouts and hours - all the reference points to understand what I was staring at from the window. Dan Holdsworth's landscapes make me lose the reference points and allows me to simply experience."

Jim Kazanjian

Portland, OR artist

"Dan Holdsworth's cyclopean landscapes are sublime and haunting. An almost imperceptible tone of foreboding permeates the work, which is quite engaging."

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"Interesting concept and technique. Dan Holdsworth explores one of natures most exciting features such as mountains, valleys, ice and the endless sky.. Dan Holdsworth is definitely a photographer with great vision and artistic sensitivities.OneMillionTulips"

"I actually found these much more interesting as positives (little photoshop inverting.) The second piece is especially lovely as a positive."

"Looks like three or fur guys are walking the mile for a camel."

"good stuff"

"Thank you for sharing your artistry and vision with the rest of us. As with every day (it frustratingly seems) viewers of the Artistaday offering would do well to make use of a simple, simple option given them up in the voter's box area. Just click on the line "More info: Artist site." The questions of most will be answered and they'll get to see a greatly expanded portfolio. It is there that they ought to find a greater appreciation of the artistic nature of your work that goes well beyond simply photographing what shows up in your camera's viewfinder. Your color, composition and vision beyond the tangible are appreciated. Among your many good series, I especially enjoyed the painterly color and geometry of the "No Echo" series, though the blues more than the whites. I believe your artistic eye will grow and bring more depth and viewer-engagement as time goes on."

"Wow. What is it? Is it a new wonder of nature?"

"I've heard that only males are color blind."

"I love the effect when the negative image is used. Have you done solarizations with them? Thank you they're wonderful!"

"Its just a photo of some mountains inverted. And maybe the sky was whited out or theres just alot of mist and clouds. I dont see how this means anything"

"I like mountains , i think that is what this is"

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