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Katinka Lampe  Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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About Katinka

Katinka Lampe’s portraitss are not so much representations of real people as symbols. She uses a range of techniques and offsets large, flat areas of color with sometimes minute detail.

In an effort to remove herself from her work, Lampe does not name her paintings. The individual characteristics of her models are mostly hidden. Instead, they are made distinctive with imagined wigs, dress jewelry, and masks. For Lampe, the creative journey is a search for a balance between realism and abstraction.

Her work has been exhibited across Europe.

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"Very cool. I like how it is sort of a simplistic representation, with key features but not too much else. Even the accessories and clothing are pretty simple. I like it. The big faces really pop. cool artwork"


"beautiful work i love the softness of the face very pale and smooth the eyes are bright and wide piercing in a way. truly beautiful."

"i love it. it looks real. cool.i like alot i think that the is an artist. you should show me how to do that."

"beautiful work"

"I grew up woth the idea that the truth is in the eyes! Love the portraits! Thanks!!!!"

"I’m sure it might look like the person, but it’s very flat, no depth. It looks like a cut and paste project rather than a painting. The color palette is very limited, neutral. No cause for though, yes it’s a portrait but the way it’s presented I’m not even curious about the person. The artist needs to push themselves; very boring."

"Ah, I like Petals words...the "interpretation is arresting.""

"I also like blonds."

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