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Sam Gibbons  Baltimore, MD


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About Sam

Sam Gibbons received his MFA from Hunters College in New York. Prior to that, he studied at Kent State University in Ohio.

Each of his paintings is symmetrical—one side of the canvas mirrors the other, like a Rorschach test. Gibbons intends for his paintings to act as allegories for the loss of innocence.

He describes the subject of his paintings as ‘cartoons entwined in spasms of death and candy-colored imitations of sex’.

Gibbons has guest lectured at New Britain Museum of American Art and Cleveland Institute of Art. He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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"Love the symmetry and the fractal-ish component in the composure and the brutal fun of the content... Wicked!!"

"Wonderful work!"

"very nice"

"kinda gross, kinda weird, kinda cool"

"Ubiquitous Juxtaposian stock art."

"you think it's a very shallow painting with no depth but when you really look closely it has so much depth and space. it's very ineresting"

"Cartooney, tatooey, meets Dia De Las Muertos."

"i just don't get it.....too much happening at once. make it look too busy. not my cup of tea."

"skulls and fairy like futuristic cartoons, how original."

"difficult to look away from"

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