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Michael Ryan  San Francisco, CA

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About Michael

A traditional oil painter, he creates allegorical images rich with symbolism, dealing with the human condition, society and the world around him. Living in San Francisco, he is currently exhibiting work nationally, working as a freelance artist, and accepting commissions.

Recommended by our guest curators

Bradley Platz

Co-founder and Curator at Modern Eden Gallery

"Lastly, and most importantly, my friend Mike Ryan, painter of worlds, who was one of the most driven and talented painters that I’ve ever known. Mike and I shared a studio in 2007 and worked together on three duo exhibitions, both before and after Kim and I opened Modern Eden in 2010. Mike put everything into his works, and held nothing back. He was dedicated to the craft in a pure way, where he never compromised the integrity of his work to make sales, or to please others. He truly painted for himself. He took painting more seriously than any artist I have ever known, and I admired him immensely for it. Michael passed away last year, but his work lives on and reminds me daily that there are other worlds than this."

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"nice tentacle creeping off her finger, you have a commentary that beams through dead eyes. Beauty in the wicked or the wicked attempting beauty."

"truly a great artist. I was really blown way when i saw those pictures on his website."

"Beautiful technique. Interesting anatomy! Reminds me of a hybridization of Romanticism, Symbolism, and Surrealism."

"They kind of remind me of classical works. Large Odalisque or Titian, and almost a parody of 19th century portraiture."

"it is very beautiful and i love it.i want to see more cuz u realy know what your doing"

"Wow I love your work. Make me fell like all I can only do stick people."

"Nice...reminds me of some deleted scenes from "The Lord of the Rings"..."

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