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Elesavet Lawson  Toronto, ON, Canada

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About Elesavet

Elesavet’s work is as exotic as her name. A multi award winning artist, based in Southern Ontario, her work is heavy in mood and texture with a complexity that defies its simplistic style. Described as dream like and classic, she continues to challenge her viewers to take more than mood away from her paintings; tackling the hurdle of social commentary.

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"Cool! Oh when I can be a collector..."

"I really enjoy these pieces. They seem very simple at first but are filled with great, complicated detail. I like that confusion and that they are sort of dream-like."

"Very enchanting! Love your use of color and form to break up the canvas and create a complex yet very cohesive work. Nice use of pattern too!"

"Great... Keep it up..."

"wow, very unique and very well done. i like the sort of two-demensional thing that's going on."

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