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Zoe Hawk  Iowa City, IA

'The Ladies' Room'

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About Zoe

Zoe Hawk’s oil and gauche paintings reflect her interest in the relation of feminine identity to institutions. The uniforms and group activities presented here are a metaphor for the mechanisms of gendered socialization.

Her paintings explore the simultaneous longing for and resistance of femininity of young girls. While dressed in matching uniform and apparently constrained by institutions, these girls flock and flee, exclude and embrace, quarrel and ally—mischief, communion leading ultimately to rebellion is present in each image.

Hawk champions the idea that group acceptance must come at the expense of individuality. ‘Under the watchful eye of institutional power, the spirit of these girls endures as they reveal the beautiful complexities of their character,’ she says.

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"Please keep painting...."

"I think that their amazing and that it realy expresses pic#1 & pic # 2how their matauriaty level raised when they grew up:D"


"divine...a little more than i care to know..."

"everytime this is seen it creeps me out...and ginger i not only seat on my bathroom floor i lay on my bathroom floor. it is a very soothing place...especially if it is a tile floor......hard coolness."

"your art worrk is like real life and it really describe some people i like when the two girls are fighting i allmost like their fighting over a boys"

"MY SLIGHT REVIEWpic a; reminiscent of the personality features of adolescence in girls.pic b; feminine characters; a complex of attraction,activity and communion."

"Oh brother, what a waste.I hope the artist enjoys them, as I can't see much for anyone else to excited about."

"oh i like these! my favorite is the top one :)"

"What all happens in a bathroom?"

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