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Sandra Fettingis  Denver, CO

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About Sandra

The acrylic art is the heart of my work. These pieces integrate my affection for contemporary design and my personal curiosities. Currently I’m curious about human patterns. In an attempt to understand myself and society better, I explore our patterns and interactions. The types of patterns we have, where they came from, how they affect others and how we can change them, or what happens if we don’t.

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"HI Sandra this is your dad, I love your art. I was wondering how you and Eric are doing? When you have time send me an e-mail and maybe your phone? Like to talk with you. HUGS.........your dad"

"I usually don't like work that this glaringly modern but this I really LOVE. You rock."

"you still astonish me. keep on truckin"

"Sandra, You've takin' this technique to a cool place away from traditional forms. It's illusory, really. I was diggin' on your website too. Very cool stuff. I like alot of the photos as well. Glad to know you. I hope things are well."

"you rule! your work is amazing. xo"

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