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Melanie Pruitt  Denver, CO


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About Melanie

Melanie Pruitt’s describes the themes of her work as being informed by her interest in human history. Her fascination with line, form, and movement, on the other hand, is a result of her natural surroundings—Pruitt lives in the Rocky Mountains.

‘These intricacies translate both realistically and abstractly into my creative process,’ she says.

Her work has been exhibited across the United States.

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"Previously this evening I made some negative comments about a Mr. Torre's artwork that follows yours on this ARTISTADAY scroll, then went back to view your work as I missed it yesterday. I must say the two pieces displayed are the antithesis of the work previously mentioned. You start with a simple monochromatic pallet and with line and texture create artwork that compels one to not only to look but feel!Obviously you are a talent when it comes to draftsmanship . These are two pieces that force one to feel a soul!"

"Pain, frustration, anger, disappointment - you can see it all in Irene's face. Wow, your work is beautiful!"

"Geisha-I see a beautiful object no more. her face is ugly with age. the only beauty she possesses is the flower she places her hair. I see the cycle of life.Irene-a classic artists model. what woman that would pose for a picture and not care what it looks like. to me she seems to be a woman who has never possessed beauty. She takes the money to pose but looks into the reality only she knows.I enjoy the expressions i get from them as well as the artist mastery of the media."

"it's all very well.themovement, shape as you've otstated. however; something i find myself needing and wanting and that's COLOUR!until this second, never realised how colour is beautiful in it's own right!don't know if you comletely identify with this'd say, what?grey, white? are not colour?what do you really think?colours or not colours? not only does the eye perceive them, but the heart too!don't know!right now, your work is in existence, but bears a deadly entity despite it existence?paradoxal, mind i seeing what you're seeing?are the dead dead?and the alive alive?"

"quit hintin!i dont wanna know"

"old and ugly or young and beutiful?sometimes old is beutiful and young is ugly!"

"A very good talented person. The second one was excellent."

"good detail i like your style keep it up"

"Like the reality and the definition"

"Very Clever I enjoyed this? Are these Real people"

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