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Hannah Kidd  Mid Canterbury, NZ

'Axe Man'

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About Hannah

Hannah Kidd studied sculpture at Otago Polytechnic School of Art in New Zealand..

Her sculptures are constructed from pieces of steel and corrugated iron. Using bolt cutters, tin snips, and a mig welder, she welds them together on a scale ranging from butterflies to bulls.

Kidd is inspired by observations in her immediate surroundings. She often substitutes animals for humans in her tableaux of familiar social situations and behavior. Humor can function as a vehicle to discuss the human condition, she says.

Her work has been exhibited across New Zealand and abroad.

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"I come back to look at painting number one. I knew I liked it from the start, but verbalize why! Now, I can.This buck has the sexiest legs Ive ever seen in a deer!Thank you for this revelation!"

"The sculpture is fantastic! I love the idea of a woman creating such things in steel and corrugated iron! Thanks!"

"hummmm,I love the idea,very creative and a lot of skill. Keep the good ideas coming love"

"I enjoyed the artist's extensive offerings on her website. It was good to see the larger range of her work and to see how she intended her work to be seen. The groupings and context of her showings often set the tone for greater and deeper meaning than if one saw a single piece on its own. Much of her work, no matter how well created, does not seem meant to be deep artistically, but there are pieces and assemblies of pieces that strike a thinking, sensitive and sometimes prophetic core. The videos of her work process were thoroughly enjoyable as well as good instructional pieces. She seems very personable and that carries through in her work. Her good, earthy, hard-working Kiwi humor shines in her presentation and in many finished pieces. That can be enough -- and that can be a welcome relief."

"thats a great looking sculpture , love work done like this , very much an artist :)"

"Ohhhhh, I love it...wonderfully strange style. She needs a website!!"

"wow that is completely amazingg!!!"

"The buck is my favorite as well. I love wild life and I would guess so does the artist. The animal is taking a very proud stance and seems full of authority. The sculpter is honestly flawless."

"WOW. Just, WOW. The deer is just amazing. The color of the deer really contributes to the earthy, woody feel of the piece. the ax man I'm not so sure about, but I definetly like the deer."

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