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Katelyn Alain  Brooklyn, NY

'Illuminating Night'
'Welcome to L.A.'

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About Katelyn

Katelyn Alain was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. She received an MFA from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to that she studied fine art at Hartford Art School and for one year at Marchutz Painting School in Aix-en-Provence, France.

Painting with oils, Alain interprets information, and attempts to isolate what is true perception from what she calls ‘noise’ imposed by the brain. ‘ I work from the understanding that the heightened and misguided nature of memory that is distilled out of dreams and subconscious histories,’ she says.

Alain has won numerous awards for including most recently the National Association of Women Artists’s 2011 Elizabeth Erlanger Memorial Award. Her work has been exhibited across the United States and featured in the Wall Street Journal and American Art Collector magazine among others.

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'New York'



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"hello my name is Deanna Carter i am doing a project for my 4th block and i have some questions on how you blend the colors in your art work thank you . my email is"

"Fantastic Work! I checked out your website, my favorite piece of yours is 'Illuminating Night'."

"It reminds me of everyday life. Like a whirl wind of color, sometimes you find yourself in the middle of it. I can deffintely see someone of character, such as lady gaga painting theses. Trying to convey a message to the world, that we should all take the time to see and enjoy the world around us once in a while."

"These beautiful oil paintings that this artist has created leaves a beautiful imagery of a woman. These paintings have beautiful mysterious colors in the background. To my understanding her beautiful paintings have caught many wonderful peoples attention. I love these paintings!!!!!! And I Quote…. ” Everyone has a talent for something, its if you put your all into it.”"

"life IS bleary....."

"I love the focus, it's like looking through a 35mm camera lens."

"It is a pleasure to read all of your varied responses to my work. Artists don't always have that opportunity. Thank you!"

"Definately different prespective enjoyed both."

"Oh my gosh! I LOVE the first one!!! I can't really explain very well why, but it really grabs you. It really pulls you in. The second one is a little weird for me. Good work though! :D"

"you certainly know to distinguish the forest from the trees!harmonious colours in my view. agree with you when all fails; there must always be left some core of the matter...a head, une tete, is the location of the powerhouse of everyting we effect...all the rest only is whirling, tourbillonent - it's visually very well rendered the swirl, the centrifugal force...the speed of it all...the speed of course makes it blurry, undefined...whereas the head well anchored on the shoulders is very well connected inside, all the neurons, the synapses, the many brains...encapsulated in one vessel...the connection...!"

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