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Jenna Gribbon  Brooklyn, NY

'Room #2 (tea)'
'Room #1 (cake)'

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About Jenna

Jenna Gribbon received a BFA in drawing and painting from University of Georgia in 2001 before moving to Brooklyn, New York.

Gribbons aims to paint the archetypal, that which ‘we already known’. Offsetting these symbols are more abstract and delicately rendered elements.

Her work has been exhibited locally and in 2006 she was commissioned for three paintings by Sofie Coppola, the director of Marie Antoinette, to be featured in the film.

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1 comment from the artist

"Thanks for looking everyone! Just so you know, the work featured on this page is a few years old, and artist's statement that's included really relates to my more recent work. Visit to see recent paintings, and I'd love to hear what you think!"

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"For me this is like how I see the world, randomness, in all of its glory fills my days, and tears me apart emmotionaly sometimes. This really speaks to me deeper than most could understand. If anyone feels the same way I would love to have a conversation."

"I love the inclusion of the Polaroid picture of a house looking in directly next to the window, looking out upon the image of the world---verry lovely!! :)"

"...when you mention archetypal, you explained that it is what we know...don't tell me that your painting above is or perhaps would be , what you think someone else knows!first, i suggest whether verbally or through your painting, tell us what you, and only you think!because clearly all that you are referring to, is depict things, items, such as socks,food, paint, etc...are you saying some naked person lacking all those objects - and of course, you may be makingthat point, what for?to remind the world how some people are poor!this attitude is so prevalent, ...and i ask myself if you're the police, an artist?or a frustrated creature?thank you for painting. but your enclosed stifling thinking is not to my liking!those black walls:i can assure the black colour won't make a difference to those walls - whether they serve as insulators, or they are simply despite their colour not opaque to anything!"

"love the perspective of the first one- kinda like you are one of the balloons haha. For the second one, the blue cake is kinda weird and doesn't really fit the picture, but i love the piece overall! Really gets you thinking and using your imagination (i have a story in my head about the girl in the piece after looking at it. REALLY cool!) I like how it is a little bit of an uneasy feeling at first, since the objects in it are a bit miss matched/disjointed. SUPER COOL"

"The black balloon is a wonderful representation of the feeling in the room. I think I see the reflection of whom most would refer to as the 'adult table', as the little girl in white eats alone with a look of distaste and a hint of sadness."

"Maybe the little girl is contemplating getting fat and old (black balloons mean only one thing). The teenager is about to loose her innocence to animal instincts (dirty bed, pig in the background). This artist has some serious issues with growling up."

"Great exploration of space and composition! Your work is very intriguing and entertaining without knowing anything about it but I find your ideas to be really interesting. I love the subtle changes in angles and lighting! It's like a seamless collage."

"Both pictures remind me of Velazquez' "Las Meninas." In the upper image, the girl and the table seem as weightless as the balloon. Interesting work."

"I see a sad little girl that doesn't want to eat her vegetables. The dark balloon is how she feels about the supper and having to sit there until she eats it. I think there is a better way to get kids to eat good food."

"I just plain old love it. Nothing speaks but it has that effect of creativity and thoughtfulness."

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