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Michelle Osman  Bozeman, MT


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About Michelle

Michelle Osman received a BFA in painting and art history from Montana State University. in 2005.

The ideas from her paintings come from memes, in the Dawkinsian sense. She works from research photos and compositional sketches, by applying thin layers of translucent oil paint onto canvas in ‘wipes and dabs’ until a vivid color scape emerges.

Her human figures are intended to develop stories, emotions and realities. Osman aims to draw attention to a personal relationship with the external world. ‘The human form must refer to something over and beyond its manifest subject,’ she says.

Her work has been exhibited locally and in group shows across the United States.

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'Under Water'


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"i love these, my favorite artist on this site so far. :)"

"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; strong,glamorous and smooth is what life is beneath the waters.pic b; deeply submerged into dreams,fantasies and myths"

"i love it its lifelike !"


"Oh my gosh!! those pictures are amazingly awesome!!!!"

"thats awesome"

"Amazing feelings"

"Enveloped in a watery loom I feel relaxed and yet, I can feel the energy of the river passing both around and through me... touching my subconscious mind... bringing forth images, like a dream. I smile as I find myself standing on a soft cloud gazing down upon fields of grain, the sky around me so blue..."

"captivating - creativity beyond reality - Michelle Osman has a clear understanding of the human composition that makes us whole - reading her statement you have a better understanding of the patience and complexity of her art - the layers are all intertwined in her creativity to give us a reality that s not beyond out grasp - astounding work.RABIN"

"I wonder how long she can hold her breathe......"

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