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Guest curator: Kevin Box  
Santa Fe, NM artist

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About Kevin

Kevin earned his BFA from the School of Visual Arts where he studied in Savannah and New York City and completed a Master Foundry Apprenticeship at the Michael Hall Studio Foundry in Austin, TX. His sculpture has been exhibited at the Preston Contemporary Art Center, the Tucson Museum of Art in AZ, the Longview Museum of Fine Arts in TX, and the Knoxville Museum in TN. Kevin’s sculptures are cast in limited and unlimited editions that range in size from handheld maquettes to monumental public works and are featured in numerous national and international private and public arts collections. A native of Oklahoma, Kevin Box now resides and works in Santa Fe, NM.

Kevin's selections

Kumi Yamashita

New York, NY


I am simply blown away by each and every piece by this artist. The unique approach, innovative use of materials and potential for exhibition/installation is endless. It says something when you want to see more and more work by the same artist and find each piece surprising, related and innovative over and over again. If I were a museum curator, she would be on my short list. I wonder how much her credit card portraits run?


Scott Blake

Omaha, NE


I think Scott has found a voice for himself in work that is funny, serious, thought provoking, interactive and engaging. I think his work promotes a broader audience and uses technology as a medium for art that is unique. I look forward to what he will do in the future and would thoroughly enjoy his entertaining company at a dinner party.


Arden Bendler Browning

Philadelphia, PA


Just phenomenal talent with paint, scale and a subject matter that draws you in. I love the combination of complete abstraction and subject matter that evoke memories overlapping one another. I get a constant feeling of confusion and recognition, satisfaction and being lost. Would love to own one of her small watercolors.


Jason deCaires Taylor

Cancun, Mexico


Having visited his underwater sculpture park in Grenada, I can tell you how wonderfully it is to explore and experience. I think the venue that he has engaged in draws audiences and issues together in a way that is unique and enduring. I think he's a good example of an artist/activist that is actually achieving something. I want to visit his work again in 20 years.


Maskull Lasserre

Montreal, QC, Canada


Maskell has such skill in the craft of art making and uses it over and over again in unexpected combinations. I spent a lot of time exploring his website to find more and more pieces that just captured my attention. I can imagine one of his pieces in my collection. Definitely an artist worth commissioning.


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