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Guest curator: K. Cromwell & J. Karp  
Owners, Gallery 1988

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About Katie & Jensen

Gallery 1988 has quickly become one of the world’s most talked about art galleries. Opened in 2004 on the famous corner of Melrose and La Brea, by California natives Katie Cromwell and Jensen Karp, the gallery has become the nation’s number one destination for pop-culture themed artwork and the premiere venue to witness the rise of emerging artists before they break.

Openings at the gallery have seen upwards of 2,500 people attending in one night, including celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Good Charlotte, Seth Rogen, DJ AM, Paul Wall, Seth Green, Samuel L. Jackson, Jonah Hill, Michael Rappaport, Linkin Park, Swizz Beats and Joss Whedon admiring the walls. An annual show at G1988, “Crazy 4 Cult” receives worldwide press (faced by the show’s hosts, filmmakers Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier) and over 1,000,000 website hits on the day of the opening reception. In addition, Gallery1988 has collaborated with Stan Lee and Beastie Boys to create the annual tribute show, “Under the Influence,” which pays homage to these inspirational icons and their influence on our generation. In 2011, Karp and Cromwell expanded G1988 with a new location in Venice Beach, CA.

Katie & Jensen's selections

Martin Wittfooth

Brooklyn, NY


We've been lucky enough to have Martin's oil pieces included in a few group shows over the past 8 years, and every single piece he's delivered is better than the last. He's one of the few artists in our "scene" who's able to seamlessly meld influences from the masters with a younger aesthetic, all while creating a universe that only he knows the secrets to. He's one of our absolute favorite gallery artists working today, and technically he's in a league of his own.


Josh Keyes

Portland, OR


We remember reading once that Josh grew up with parents who owned an art gallery, which makes total sense. He creates artwork that collectors want to hang on their wall. Period. That sounds trivial, but it's not easy. He's smart enough to be able to create the exact artwork he wants to make, which is absolutely stunning, without making any compromises in order to sell the work, and in turn make a living. It's not an easy give and take, and anyone who has the opportunity to buy a Keyes painting should jump at the chance.


Dan McCarthy

E. Falmouth, MA


We frequently show Dan's work at our galleries and he's one of the most popular artists we exhibit. He's able to convey so many distinct feelings, with such a signature style of desolate landscapes. Dan is a master of screenprinting, creating colors no one else can, and producing detail beyond the medium. When we show him, people line up hours before we open the door, and for good reason, Dan is incredible.



San Francisco, CA


We've known Mars since we first had the idea to open a gallery. We had known of his work for years, basically from his graffiti years, and we had watched him evolve into a gallery artist. His style is so original, and truthfully we don't think anyone can even try to do what he's doing. He's worked in so many mediums and we have genuinely never seen a Mars-1 piece we don't like. He's a true talent and an artist that would be a wise investment for anyone looking to add solid pieces to their collection.


Greg Simkins

Redondo Beach, CA


We met Greg Simkins almost ten years ago, while he was working for a video game company. We stumbled onto his work on the Internet, and immediately emailed him. He came in with his wife Jenn, who is now his manager, and he told me his dream was to just be a full-time gallery artist. Fast forward to 2012, and he's one of the most sought after painters in the world. He went from hoping to sell pieces for a few hundred dollars to selling out full shows and having collectors shell out $50k for one piece. We had 7 exclusive years with him, and seeing him develop has been one of the most rewarding things of running G1988.


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