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Guest curator: Garry Booth  
Owner, Phone Booth Gallery

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About Garry

Garry Booth currently lives and works in Long Beach, CA where he owns and directs Phone Booth Gallery. Phone Booth Gallery began organizing and curating art exhibitions in April 2008. Migrating all around Southern California, and now located on Broadway in Long Beach, they have since become known worldwide for our unique stable of artists and their exceptional selection of printed art editions.

Garry has worked in a variety of creative fields, including apparel design, toy design, product art, graphic design, illustration, and magazine publishing. Though “classically trained” as an artist, he has carried over skills learned from his traditional illustration degree into the digital illustration and design.

In addition to his duties as a gallery owner, Garry still does commercial illustration and creates fine art. His work has been shown in galleries across California and Virginia.

Garry's selections

Lora Zombie

Moscow, Russia


Lora Zombie's "grunge art" is compelling, wild, vibrant and beautiful. She is a master at achieving something grimy and delicate at the same time.



Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Handiedan combines old and new and is heavy in process as well as content. She has developed her bold and flourish-heavy collage style into an intricately layered finale that you can't help but run your fingers over.


Rod Luff

Sydney, Australia


Rod Luff is sensual and fantastical. He reflects an intellectual ideology and philosophy unique to his work, and executes his media with technical prowess.


Lola Dupre

Glasgow, Scotland


Lola Dupré's work explodes into shards of shrapnel just the same is it melts into liquified misshapen goo. Her collages as stylistically unique and expertly executed. Dupré proves that collage as a medium is as important in contemporary fine art as oil on linen.


David Soukup

Chicago, IL


David Soukup is one of the most compelling stencil artists working today. In a medium largely populated with simple throw-ups and clever quips, Soukup creates his multi-layered stencils of architecture and portraiture -- some taking nearly 100 hours each. He is experimental, but with a strict dosage of patience and confidence.


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