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Guest curator: Andreas Englund  
Stockholm, SE artist

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About Andreas

Andreas Englund was born in Falun, Sweden, before moving to Stockholm. In his job as an art director, he taught himself to communicate with great economy. This has proved an invaluable asset to his equally narrative and humorous paintings.

His latest series ushers a “not-so-perfect super hero” through various mundane and everyday activities.

“Humor can be the carrier of messages that are otherwise hard to convey,” says Englund. “For me, it liberates my thoughts and ideas from pretentiousness while at the same time it opens doors to new routes and angles.”

His work has been exhibited in Stockholm.

Andreas's selections

Maskull Lasserre

Montreal, QC, Canada


The combination of iron, pressuring paper, creating bone, builds an interesting drama and tension. Two materials creating a third. I really like the ”framing” where the iron fills an important part in experiencing the sculpture. It´s massive power plays with the thin paper and the delicate bone pieces it holds. The craft is brilliantly executed and I can only imagine the pleasure it would be to experience his work live.


Brooke Shaden

Los Angeles, CA


Her pieces makes me think of Tamara de Lempickas art – the shapes, use of warm earth colors and the red fabric – I love it. The colors feel smooth and stands in deep contrasts to the dramatic scene. The background, wich looks like a scene from the romantic era, confronting the sublimity of untamed nature. The woman, standing in a neat pose affected by the wild wind which combines the two elements – woman and nature. Together this affects me in a way I cannot resist.


Jim Denevan

Santa Cruz, CA


His work shows beautifully how one art piece can be experienced in multiple ways. It makes me reflect upon how the surrounding world change depending on who you are or in this case, where you are. There can be multiple truths.The destructive forces of nature shows that nothing is forever. Each of his pieces, first growing and then dying, from the force of water, acting like a giant eraser. Denevan inspires me and his work grows, literally.


Lissy Elle

Toronto, ON, Canada


The humor is well balanced with the women, acting unafected in a world that feels real, yet is unreal. To watch her pieces is contemplative and attracting. The small nuances in poses and expressions fills its purpose to make me want to linger and find out more about the scene. I know I can watch ”Creationism” without ever getting tired of it. Few people know the recipe of creating long lasting pieces and I salute Lissy for being one of them.


Andy Denzler

Zurich, Switzerland


The way he executes his portraits, like an old video still frame, I have never seen before. By doing so he automatically brings multiple layers to his motifs. It shows how memories are distorted trough time. I really love when something ordinary is transformed to something unique just by putting it in a new context. Thank you Andy for showing me an example of this with your inspirational and beautiful art.


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