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Guest curator: Tracey M. Hawkins  
Curator / Art Professor

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About Tracey

Tracey M. Hawkins is a professor of Art History in Atlanta, GA. She holds a Master’s degree from Emory University where she specialized in Mannerism and Modern/ Contemporary Art History. Both a collector and an artist herself, her great passion is traveling, and she has studied, lectured and adventured extensively throughout Europe, Russia and Africa. Tracey has been a contributing editor and writer for various print publications such as American Contemporary Art and Frontier Airlines magazine as well as award-winning websites, galleries, private artistic institutions and individual artists. She has also served as a director, curator and consultant for several Atlanta-based galleries representing a diversity of styles from sporting art to contemporary abstract painting and sculpture.

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Tracey's selections

Jeremy Mann

San Francisco, CA


Deeply evocative of the Impressionist masters, Mann’s paintings of modern cityscapes seamlessly blend the old world to the new. His haunting, sfumato-filled images create a sense of timeless, shared experience and blur the delicate line between waking memory and dream.


Cha Jong-Rye

Daejeon, South Korea


The intricate folds, creases, knobs, shadows and highlights of Jong-Rye’s stunning, wood wall sculptures beg to be appreciated with all five senses. Undeniably impressive from a technical standpoint, they are aesthetically compelling as well, and it quickly becomes impossible not to stroke the curves and deep crevasses of the beckoning shapes.


Jeff Demetriou

Atlanta, GA


Echoing the detritus society leaves in its wake, layers of visual pentimenti rise to the surface in Demetriou’s provocative abstract compositions. Visually and conceptually multi-layered, Demetriou’s paintings defy interpretation and must be returned to time and again, as they reveal something new upon each viewing.


Richard Galpin

London, UK


Although Galpin’s complex, abstract cityscapes initially feel futuristic, they are reminiscent of Russian Suprematism from the early 20th century. As such, although constructed in a completely different manner, they too play with ideas of abstraction and representation but with the addition of the photographic process, modern design, and the contemporary, urban landscape thrown in.


Philipp S. Rittermann

Escondido, CA


The intense chiaroscuro in Ritterman’s photographs lends them an intriguing aura of fantasy and mystery. His sweeping panoramas and intimate dioramas are imbued with a technical perfection matched by the dynamic mise-en-scene of each composition. It is easy to understand how Ritterman’s captivating imagery has garnered him critical acclaim on an international stage.


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