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Guest curator: Kirsten Anderson  
Owner, Roq La Rue Gallery

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About Kirsten

Kirsten Anderson opened Seattle’s Roq La Rue Gallery in 1998 in order to focus on the rising underground contemporary scenes exploding out of Southern California, which then moved globally. The gallery has been an integral part in fueling and supporting the Pop Surrealism and Contemporary art scene and has grown alongside its artist roster from being a rowdy punk gallery into a larger, more sophisticated establishment offering the top tier of artists working in those genres as well as fostering emerging artists who often go on to great acclaim. The galleries emphasis is on art that embodies technical craftsmanship blended with fantastical imagery and visually dynamic narratives.

In addition to running the gallery, Anderson edited and co-published the book “Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art” in 2004. She is also the “Editor At Large” at Hi Fructose Art Magazine, where she writes about art.

Kirsten's selections

Chris Berens

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


I just adore Beren's paintings, he is a definite favorite of mine. Not only does he employ a pioneering painting technique that boggles the mind, but his images are truly "dream" like, in the way they are so evocative, enigmatic, and elusive.


John Brophy

Seattle, WA


John Brophy is someone who blew my mind right out of the gate. His first painting ever exhibited was absolutely fantastic and I'm a bit staggered, considering what a great level he started from, how his work grows by leaps and bounds with each exhibition. He's an artist's artist and really does his homework and is super disciplined about his craft.


Madeline von Foerster

New York, NY


Madeline is so wonderful because her work looks ancient and contemporary at the same time, and it's not an easy trick to TRULY pull off. She has spend countless hours and dedication to honing her skills with egg tempera and her canvases just glow. I like that her work so beautifully comments of the natural world in a very elegant, refined way.


Martin Wittfooth

Brooklyn, NY


I think Martin paints some of the most powerful works in contemporary art today. They are both divinely beautiful and absolutely disturbing, which makes them completely mesmerizing. I've seen a few of his paintings which actually made me tear up a bit- not to be corny about it. His ability to transmit a power social political message you don't want to hear is pretty stellar.


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