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Guest curator: Samantha French  
Brooklyn, NY artist

About Samantha

Samantha French is a Minnesota native now working full time as a painter in Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from MCAD with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005. Samantha has shown in several solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and her work is included in numerous private and public collections.

French’s current body of work explores the idea of escape, the tranquility and nostalgia for the lazy summer days of her childhood. The series is inspired by Samantha’s own reflections and memories of her childhood summers spent in the lakes of Northern Minnesota.

Samantha's selections

Alex Kanevsky

Philadelphia, PA


Personally, I think his work has had the most effect on contemporary figure painting. His layered, fluid brush work gives you just enough information. It alludes to something more. I appreciate that he came into his pallet and style later in his career; his years of hard work and investigation has obviously paid off.


Leah Giberson

Boston, MA


Leah and I were in a group exhibition earlier this year and it was such a pleasure showing along side her work. While in someone else's hands, her paired down vintage Air streams and rundown trucks might verge on kitsch, she treats her subject with respect and they become these beautiful objects. I’m also drawn to her color choices, while vivid, her paintings are still quiet, slightly lonely and have air of nostalgia.


Kim Frohsin

San Francisco, CA


Her work reminds me of the Bay Area Figurative Movement. She uses confident gestural strokes and intense color temperature shifts on the bodies. I love how she breaks down the shapes into abstract color fields that only hints at what is actually happening in the space.


David G. Baker

Hancock, ME


David has managed to capture these beautiful and intimate moments in his work. I appreciate the almost idealized and realistic style he paints in. His work feels personal and dream-like.


Catherine Ryan

San Francisco, CA


Catherine’s paintings/drawings come out of a process of layering paint over charcoal and medium. I enjoy seeing that history in her work. There is a sentimentality and remembrance in her pieces informed by that process but also with the images she chooses.


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