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Guest curator: Zach Tutor  
Curator of Supersonic Electronic

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About Zach

Zach Tutor is the curator Supersonic Electronic, an art blog that seeks to visually narrate the Electronic School of Contemporary Art. A generation of artists who merge Illustration and Fine Art. These artists, by use of the Internet and other electronic means, have been exposed to endless amounts of aesthetic inspiration their entire lives.

Supersonic Electronic holds a yearly group show in San Francisco called “The Supersonic Invitational” which showcases the best young artistic talent from around the world chosen by Tutor.

Zach has curated and written for Juxtapoz Online, written for Hi Fructose Magazine and has been named one of the Top 100 Southern Artists by Oxford American magazine. He lives in Mississippi.

Zach's selections

Glennray Tutor

Oxford, MS


Glennray Tutor is my father and has exposed me to a lifetime of art. As I've grown up next to his work I've seen the metaphors and colors evolve throughout his subject matters and I've watched as he's become a master of the Photorealist genre. However, he likes to call his work, "Metarealism," or something beyond painting. Which, I believe, they certainly are.


Brett Amory

San Francisco, CA


Brett Amory's Twenty-Four/Waiting series of paintings are immediate, powerful and demand the viewer's attention. It's quite possibly the most resonating body of work by a young artist that I've yet to come across.


Mike Mitchell

Chicago, IL


Since Mike Mitchell's initial posting on Artist A Day he's become one of the world's greatest social commentators which he does through a pop culture themed body of work. Both an ode to the nostalgic and a visual essay on the world today, the work is always produced with pristine technical ability and a one of a kind eye for color.


Soey Milk

Pasadena, CA


Soey Milk's ability as a painter is a profound, delicate experience. I'd say it was dreamlike but the reality of her work has a depth lost entirely if one tries to dream of it. That extra dimension that brings her work out of the dream state and into the now makes Soey one of the best young artists in the world as far as I'm concerned.


Andrew Hem

Los Angeles, CA


Andrew Hem's work brings so many influences together in one place and does it so well that the response is always, "I've never seen anything like this before" when I look at his work. This makes Hem something of a magician but nothing he does is a trick or an illusion, it's always a work of art.


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