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Guest curator: Shawn Frederick  
Photographer and Director

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About Shawn

Shawn Frederick is nationally recognized, award-winning advertising photographer and accomplished author that recently completed his 11th book, the “Idiots Guide to Digital Photography for Alpha Books/NYC. Mr Frederick is based in Los Angeles, California, but continues to travel the globe working as a Photographer and Director, and often lectures at workshops and universities on the topics of Photography and it’s application in todays commercial world.

Shawn's selections

Gwen Manfrin

Orinda, CA


I have great appreciation for the artist that can convey a true emotion in their collaborative works. With Gwen’s work, I enjoy the range of detail she maintains within the tension, while provocatively illustrating the sublime.


Adam Santelli

Los Angeles, CA


I’m always intrigued by those that shoot within the realm of water, as it’s our most sacred of life elements. With Adams water work of women, it truly evokes that primal feeling of a human specie exploding into a life of “Consciousness”.


Marcela Bolivar

Cali, Colombia


Being more of a purist within the photographic image-making process, I often gravitate towards a more analog theory. But here, I truly find Marcel’s work revealing and layered that captures my imagination and stirs me to look deeper to seek more.


David Orias

Santa Barbara, CA


Personally knowing some of the most acclaimed landscape and oceanscape photographers of our generation, Davids work strikes me more as a personal conversation with the elements, opposed to merely taking a picture of the water. His choices of technical capacities and compositional characteristics are on par with some of the best!


Lee Jeffries

Manchester, UK


Simply gorgeous work! Depth, Detail, Emotion, Intrigues and Storytelling gets no better! Bravo Mr Jeffries- very well done!


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