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Guest curator: Kevin Townsend  
Boston, MA artist/educator

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About Kevin

Kevin Townsend is a Boston-based artist, educator and former master printer for Hand Print Workshop International. He has taught as adjunct faculty at MassArt, Montserrat, Maine College of Art and Corcoran College of Art Design. Kevin has received honoraria from the ICA Boston and the Museum of American Art for his work as an artist-educator and has developed curriculum for the ICA Boston, MassArt’s summer studios, River Tree Arts and East Brunswick High School.

Works printed by Townsend have been collected by MoMA and the Whitney, his personal work has been exhibited in the Corcoran Gallery, the Chelsea Museum and can be found in private collections including the White House Ornament Collection. Kevin holds a BFA from Corcoran College of Art Design.

Kevin's selections

Heather Hansen

New Orleans, LA


I'm a big fan of Hansen's human scale drawings— simultaneously engaging the act of drawing and the lyrical movements of contemporary dance, where the resulting drawing functions as a document of movement in space.


Jim Denevan

Santa Cruz, CA


An artist who spends countless hours on works of art that are designed to be fleeting and temporary, I have great respect for Denevan's drawings. I find the combination of his minimal materials and the shear scale of his works inspiring.


John Grade

Seattle, WA


Grade makes sculptural and installation works that resinate with me in a profound way. Grade's sublimely beautiful, minimal, sculptural forms poetically embrace both space and time and are marked by an incredible level of craft and attention to detail.


Cha Jong-Rye

Daejeon, South Korea


I respond to the way that Cha uses repetition of a simple rigid, element to create free flowing topographical forms. I feel a kindred relationship with her process, where unplanned structures emerge as synthesis focused work over time.


Robert Montgomery

London, UK


I appreciate creating and encountering art out of it's traditional context— Montgomery's profound, poetic, text-based works engage viewers in the street, outside of the aesthetically neutral walls of the gallery. I am especially drawn to the documentation images of works that employ illuminated text in vacant city streets at night.


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