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Guest curator: Rabarama  
Padua, Italy artist

About Rabarama

Paola Epifani, alias Rabarama, was born in Rome in 1969. She received her BFA from Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 1991 and immediately started entering her work in sculpture competitions, in Italy and abroad.

Her work has been exhibited worldwide, including at the Chinese Modern Biennial in Beijing, the Millennium Monument Art Museum in Beijing, and la Estancia Cultural Centre in Caracas.

Rabarama's selections

Michael Klein

New York, NY


When I was a student at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice I started to appreciate so much the art of Lucian Freud: I liked his focus on the body and the colors he used. Maybe something in the art of Michael Klein reminds me of Lucian Freud but anyway I like so much the atmosphere in the paintings and the way in which he render the human figure: so lively even if in quite shadowy ambient. And I adore the skin tones!


Isaac Cordal

Brussels, Belgium


His mini-artworks between sculpture and street art are intriguing: they create new worlds in our everyday dimension. I really appreciate communicative art and Isaac Cordal is a great example of it!


Kris Kuksi

Lawrence, KS


The work of Kris Kuksi is astonishing for the details and the overall balance. His works could be seen really at various levels, from a distant perspective to a macro detail, everything is wonderful and fascinating. It is like to travel inside a sculpted world, where fantasy is the Queen.


Kumi Yamashita

New York, NY


She transforms normal sceneries ands sights in something different, working in a soft way, I would say that Kumi Yamashita works with shadows. Her works make me think to a great book, “The Book of Shadow” by Junichiro Tanizaki in the attention she had in the balance of real light and real shadows.


Tomohide Ikeya

Yokohama, Japan


In Tomohide Ikeya photographs the body is free from the weight and seems like it is the body of an Angel or of some metaphysical creature. The water element gives more charm to the works: like Angels floating in a liquid sky, who seeks for the comfort of a contact. Really fascinating for the elegance of the result.


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