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Guest curator: Miranda McKee  
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About Miranda

Miranda McKee is a Toronto based curator with a longstanding passion for arts and culture. After graduating from University of Toronto, Miranda relocated to the United Arab Emirates in order to further examine and contribute to the emerging arts sector. Miranda worked in the Government of Abu Dhabi’s Cultural Department and then curated exhibitions for Gulf Photo Plus, a photography organization in Dubai’s up-and-coming arts development, Alserkal Avenue. After six years in the UAE, Miranda returned to Canada in 2015 and currently works as an Image Curator for, an online portfolio platform used by artists, designers, photographers and illustrators in 190 countries.

Miranda's selections

JeanPaul Mallozzi

Miami, FL


Jean Paul Mallozzi invites the viewer into his compositions with impeccable photo-realism, from which the work leaps into surreality. We can easily identify with the detailed subjects portrayed as they walk, swing, dance and embrace, however if these were photographs we would only see a fleeting expression upon each face. Mallozzi instead replaces each face with color, movement and expressionism. Where our faces can both reveal or purposely disguise our emotions, the faces of Mallozzi's subjects express our complex emotions through color and line, movement and connection.


Cristina Cordova

Penland, NC


Cristina Cordova is a phenomenally talented sculptor whose work makes a respectable nod to the nudes of the Renaissance while crossing into contemporary practices with detailed, three dimensional environments that surround and adorn her subjects. Repeating patterns and shapes, material, and textures transform the body into complex states, expressing emotions, movement and cultural nuances.


Ben Butler

Quoque, NY


I love the surgical interpretation of sculpture that Ben Butler represents in his work. His objects are sliced and dissected into hundreds of cross sections, that still speak to the whole. The repetition in his work is both soothing and curious. The individual shapes are rebuilt in each exhibition setting as if ancient artefacts, an extinct species that we can interpret only by piecing together the remains. With a distinct relationship to architectural structures, the viewer is beaconed to crawl inside and experience the work from within.


Alec Soth

Minneapolis, MN


Alec Soth's photographic style pulls us inside the intimate space of strangers, examining the everyday in a way that celebrates the banal, the awkward, the secrets and love letters that were thought to have been thrown away long ago. It's an addictive work that prods you to keep looking, each image is somehow surprising, enticing, and ordinary, but always beautiful.


Corey Arnold

Portland, OR


Corey Arnold is both a brilliantly talented photographer, and an experienced commercial fisherman, an unlikely pairing that affords the viewer a unique opportunity; to see the occupation through the crystal clear eyes of someone who knows the profession inside and out. He capture stunning seascapes, towering waves and numerous characters at sea, both human and otherwise. Few could handle the conditions these fisherman work under, but anyone can appreciate Arnold's stunning photographs.


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