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Guest curator: David Lyle  
New York, NY Artist

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About David

Working from found vintage and vernacular photographs, Lyle seamlessly colleges and composes works that harken back to 1950’s and 1960’s America – not as they were, but skewed and reimagined by the artist. Lyle’s painstakingly reductive painting process is a very crucial element to the evolution of his final images. Each piece is rendered using only black paint and turpentine. Lyle begins his process by priming a panel with white gesso. He then paints a thin, rich, oily black veneer over the primed panel, slowly and systematically developing his images by removing some of the black paint with a cloth. In doing so, Lyle renders layer upon layer of various values of black paint resulting in his signature style of luminescent works.

David's selections

Scott Campbell

Brooklyn, NY


Not only is Scott a great tattoo artist, but his intricate money sculptures are amazingly layered and detailed. i also like his ability ability to work in several different mediums.


Martin Wittfooth

Brooklyn, NY


Martin is a painters painter. Amazing painting techniques, applications, and usage of color. Also his subject matter is always on point with the chaos of humanity.


Nicomi Nix Turner

San Francisco, CA


Nicomi's Graphite drawings are technically beautiful and dark with symbolism.


Natalia Fabia

Burbank, CA


Great painter with well collaged subject matter of punk rock/hooker/sparkle themes.


David Choe

Los Angeles, CA


Choe is an all around creative being with an impressive loose style of graffiti and punk rock mind set.


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