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Guest curator: Tracy Rocca  
Albuquerque, NM Artist

About Tracy

For New Mexico-based painter Tracy Rocca, painting is a direct response to the frenzied, modern pace of life. Through a slow, gradual, contemplative painting process that reasserts the value of the human hand she aims to offer herself – and viewers – a place to burrow her mind, to find calm. She works every morning in natural light, using mongoose brushes to apply thin glazes of color, carefully built over time. Working with traditional walnut oil painting medium, she blends these layers of color into soft transitions. By blurring the details of the places she’s observed, she evokes unspecified yet familiar environments. Ultimately a single point of focus or light emerges from within the paintings, creating the enveloping sense of meditative focus that characterizes her compositions.

Tracy's selections

Zaria Forman

Brooklyn, NY


Drawings so real you can hear the sound of ice melting! Zaria’s large scale pastel drawings document Earth’s shifting landscape and the effects of progressive climate change. Check out her new video work on her instagram, and be sure to turn the volume up.


Ali Cavanaugh

St. Louis, MO


I love the luminous quality of these delicate modern fresco watercolors. It’s as if they’re lit from behind and glowing off the panels.


Ethan Murrow

Boston, MA


Wonderfully adventurous large-scale graphite drawings that invite the audience to consider the complexities of aspiration.


Zemer Peled

Yizre'el, Israel


Thousands of hand crafted porcelain shards appear both delicate and severe, conveying the beauty and brutality of the natural world. I’m fascinated by her process - be sure to watch the videos on her instagram page.


Jeffrey Conley

Corvallis, OR


Beautifully luminous meditations on nature. Perfect in their simplicity.


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